"Indonesia Road Trip" was created at the initiative of two friends of BALIWOOD.TV. For the realization of our documentaries, we travel for quite some years in Indonesia, mainly by motorcycles. More than 50.000 kms since 15 years !

So, why not to share this pleasure and our knowledge of the field !? ... the idea of two friends, was born !
No need to be a biker, we have different types of scooters and motorcycles (automatic or gear), and the daily distances traveled are low in order to better appreciate the encounters and enjoy nature !
In the circuits, two escorts are present for your safety and to guide you through our well-kept corners !

We are offering the best way to visit Indonesia in touch with its people, activities, social life ! Unforgettable encounters with simplicity ! Lovers of pictures and movies, you will never find more beautiful feelings !

Customized tours on request all over Indonesia

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